MXTX Creative Space is primarily a discord server for all kinds of content creators in the MXTX fandom (SVSSS, MDZS, TGCF). We aim to be a safe and inclusive space for content creators to interact!

In the server, you can:
- interact with fellow creators
- brainstorm or share progress of your work
- share original work
- discuss about each novel w/ others
- use various bots
- run sprints to boost productivity
- participate in server only events

You can also host or participate in:
- creative streams
- party games
- book reading
- streaming the donghua or live action
- member-led mini activities

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to dm the twitter account or @mods in the discord server.
Report broken links through twitter dms.

Zine Projects

Every year, the head mod hosts a in-server only zine where any member that applied will be accepted. It is a celebration of creativity and complication of our passion project.

All zines and related content are free to download and print for PERSONAL use only.

Life Story: MXTX Creative Space Server Zine 2022
Status: In creation

CUT and SEW: A 2021 MXTX Fashion Zine
Status: Completed

MXTX Creative Space Server Zine 2020
Status: Completed

Secret Santas

As per holiday tradition, the server hosts an in-server only Secret Santa gift exchange. While art pieces and fics are the most common exchange medium, we are open to other forms of creativity.

2021 Gift Collection
Twitter Moment

2020 Exchange
Ao3 collection | Twitter Moment

2019 Collection
Ao3 collection